HI guys should i write a love story or a vampire story?


Leave a reaction if i should write a love story or a vampire story!?
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love story like… a hetero story with a new boy that moves to the school and the pop girl falls in love, but he’s in love with your personality, then his past starts to come back and you break up just as your relationship starts to get good.

or like a girl who travels the world looking for some girl that would seduce her husband so she can avoid divorcing with him as she would loose a lot of money, but ends up falling in love with that girl.

vampire story like… you move to a school, and the vampires want to marry you because you are the chosen moon girl who can stop a evil werewolf badie from taking over the world. but his son is like so cute, and he crushes on you but so is the vampires, and so you have to pick?

or like … while searching for a cure for your cancer, you pretend to be a vampire and live in a vampire society but fall in love with their culture. They find out you are dying, and try to turn you but you have the option of bringing the cure to everyone else - but being alone forever unable to come back, or becoming a vampire and live for ever with love. Or just die.


maybe not a vampire story? I mean if you want to avoid writing the same thing as others you can add a plot twist to it. Like for example: the vampire is actually a rich girl who falls in love with a nerd.


Hey!! Have you been reading my story ? Loll jk but that’s a bit like a story I made a while back :relieved:


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