Hi guys. Would you like better pop up episodes or limelight?


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Like this


popup = spotlight

I like limelight.


Cinematic is much better than Spotlight, but I honestly prefer Ink better than Limelight, so non.

Spotlight barely has any directing, it’s an annoying format that you can’t do much in, and LL can be nice, and sometimes I read some LL stories, but it still kinda weird…


I will most likely stop reading if it’s in spotlight. It just is not clear. You don’t know when a character walks on, and you can only see the upper half of their body. Also, spotlight is basically Episode trying to copy the app “choices”


Spotlight can be done in INK or LL, so really you’re asking if we prefer spotlight or the regular cinematic format?
I prefer cinematic. I think most people do however, I will definitely read a story in spotlight if it’s good. I have a spotlight story (I entered the spotlight contest). I actually found it quite tricky because (in my opinion) you need to try and get that perfect balance of narration and dialogue. You don’t want the story to be too narration heavy, yet the reader still needs to know what’s going on. Books aren’t animated yet when we read them, we still know what’s going on. We don’t need to see the characters enter to know where they are. Spotlight is, I guess, a cross between a cinematic story (where you can really show, not just tell) and a book(where you can’t “show” at all).
Ultimately, if you think Spotlight suits your writing style better than cinematic, then by all means, go for it! It’s also a lot quicker than having to direct cinematic episodes.

I will say that out of all my stories (excluding my hidden first story lol), this story was the least popular by a long shot. If it hadn’t been a contest winner, I doubt it would have many reads. However, those that read it (before it was a winner) seemed to really enjoy it so I think the lack of popularity was because of the style and not the actual story.

A lot of people think spotlight is copying Choices, but I believe Episode had a Spotlight format way before Choices :woman_shrugging:


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