Hi Hello I’m new and looking for friends to write with (sort of)

First off let me just say that if I’m putting this in the wrong category I am so sorry :grinning::raised_back_of_hand: I’m still figuring this all out.

I just joined the forum today, but I’ve been writing/coding here since I was about 15. I took a break in between but I’m :sparkles:back​:sparkles: and I’m really just wanting to find other creators to proofread/give feedback on my stuff without the added stress of trying to find the right category or announcing everything to a bunch of strangers.

I’d prefer to talk to someone with some experience; someone who knows what they’re doing so that if I’m screwing something up they can be like “yo, sis, try it like this,” but I’m also totally open to getting some other beginner friends and just trying to figure everything out together!

Again, I’m so sorry if this was too much of an information dump or I’m in the wrong category, please let me know and I’ll be happy (if not slightly embarrassed) to shorten/move this somewhere else!

That’s all! Have a nice day everyone!


Hi! Welcome!
What year did you last write in? I can tell you about Limelight’s cool new updates :grin:

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Welcome to forums! You’re going to love it here!
I’m willing to show you the ropes so if you have any questions or need assistance just PM me and I’ll be down for helping :grin:
I will also totally be down for feedback and proofreading, like I said, just PM me and I’ll do my best

Hello!! Last time I was big into writing here was 2019 I believe! I’ve been back here for a few months now, I’ve really been trying to put as much effort as I can into my new story, so I’m still working on my first episode. I’ve just now built up the nerve to come on over to the forums to try to talk to people. Any help on the updates would be very much appreciated! Thank you so much! :))


Okay let’s see here
-I’m not sure if plus females and horses were around at the time because I just started writing last year, but they’re here now
-Very cool animations for Limelight, like new flirting ones and petting, as well as a lantern one
-Lots of stunning outfits
-Gem choice ranking (If readers pick lots of gem choices in your story you get a higher ranking; but don’t worry, most authors are pretty nice about this and gem choices normally aren’t more than 5 gems in community stories. If there are an excessive amount of gem choices you can report the story.)
-I think some rules about writer’s payment were changed? I’m not in the program so I’m not sure what exactly, sorry.

Aw hey thank you so much! I’m excited to be here! I may just take you up on that offer as soon as I finish my first episode! I’m not entirely sure how proofreading and such works in the sense of sharing stories between accounts yet, but I can figure all that out when the time comes I suppose! Thanks again, so much!

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Thank you so much! These are all very helpful!!

ok so I’ll tell you bout proofreading quick. Proofreading is just when someone reads your story before its published. To get the link to have someone proofread, you will go to the bottom of your writers portal home page (for the story) and there will be a link. As long as the story isn’t published, that link will let anyone who clicks it read the story. So when you want a proofreader, you just ask and when you have a person, you PM them the link and you have your proofreader.

Hey! This seems fun and I’d be happy to help and be friends. Message me whenever <3

Ohhhh okay thank you so much!!

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Aw thank you so much! I will!