Hi, how can i delete my forum account?



Hi, how can i delete my forum account ?


Girl why would you want to delete your account? :cry:


i don’t know


do you know how?


I don’t know, really. I think you just leave your account there? Don’t leave, though :cry:


why don’t leave?


Because from what I’ve seen of you, your kind, supportive and caring. You seem like a fantastic person to talk to and after all, there is only 1 Danaa, so…


oh thank you so much your words are so sweet


No problem, you deserve them : )


thanks dear


No problemo! : )


i think you need to change this profile pic, it’s kinda scary




isn’t it?:flushed:


Moved to Episode Fan Community as it relates to the forums. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:

Also, if you’d like to delete your account, you’ll need to submit a ticket to the support team and explain what you want. :smiley:




that’s better :slight_smile:


idk you but don’t leave pls :sweat:


hi why?


Bcs you seem rlly nice! wee need people like you on the forums :sweat::cherry_blossom::pray::pray: