Hi I Am A New Community Member!


Hello guys! Nice to meet you!:wave::wave:
I am @ANDREEA.1 and I am so happy because I really have a forum on this app. I’ve wanted to ask if someone wants to share some basic info.:hugs: I just want to be sure I know all what is necessary. Soon I will starts to post, create topics or maybe stories!:star_struck::star_struck:
By the way…I’m not so good at the categories… at select them and other things…:disappointed_relieved: Can someone give me some advice?:thinking::thinking:


Hi @ANDREEA.1 and welcome to the forums!

My name is JB and I am the Admin of the Episode Forums. It is nice to meet you. The best way to get acquainted with the forum and how everything works would be to read the topics in the Welcome, Start Here section. They will guide you on where to create topics on the forums, how to use Discourse and much more. Also, feel free to reach out to myself with any forum related questions you might have.


Welcome to the community! I hope you have a great time here :two_hearts:


Welcome to the Forums @ANDREEA.1 :slight_smile:
Enjoy it!


Welcome! I will tell you one of the best places to get backgrounds, covers, splashes, overlays, and much more!


Thank you very much :hugs::star_struck:


Welcome @ANDREEA.1
Hope you enjoy your time over here!:smile::smile:


Hello @S.Dsana!
Nice to meet you!:hugs::hugs:


Hola @ANDREEA.1 and welcome to the forums! :smile: :two_hearts:


!HELLO EVERYONE!:star_struck::hugs::wink::grinning:




Hi :upside_down_face: I’d be happy to give u advice if you ever need it x


Hi and welcome :blush:



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