Hi i am confused help

hi i am making a opining i am confused i have made overlay buttons start skip cc so when i code them to work what do i put to start the story and skip and cc

“start” {

what goes here to start it

“skip” {

what goes here to skip the episode and a confirm option

"customise " {

do i put the coding for cc then what do i put after to take it to the start of the episode

plz help

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You can just put in the customization template, and then use goto and label after cc

Here’s what you do.
Assuming you already know about tappables…

Also the “start” and “customize” buttons seem like they have the same function so using either one should be good, then you’ll have the “skip” to move on with the story.

Use this:

**label menu


Character customization.**

goto customize
Are you sure you want to continue?

goto continue_story
}“No, I want to change something”{
goto menu

label customizer
Add CC here, then at the end add another confirmation

Did you forget anything?

“I did”{
goto customizer
}“No, I look amazing!”{
goto continue_story

label continue_story
The rest of you story here

If you want to send the reader back to the menu just change the goto to menu.

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