Hi I am super bored Anybody Want A Mystically Magic Free and Fast Profile Pictures!


Hi everyone I am Millie.B. I love to make covers, splashes and backgrounds well I can make more but these are the main 3 I prefer doing and depending on what you want and when you want it, The maximum it takes to make these Profile pics is 1 hour to 2 days so you better start requesting and also I used an overlay webiste to make these its just to give you an idea of how it will look like.

Examples Are Down Below

Hmm Please Read These Important Rules

:fountain_pen:Please credit me in your bio or wherever you use it.
:fountain_pen:Please dont steal my art work.
:fountain_pen:Don’t rush me please.
Youa re refrained from asking me what I use because I may lose my motivation for art.
Please don’t start drama.
Share this thread with friends - I enjoy getting request.
Do not request on multiple threads.
Passowrd for request is Midnight.
Please fill out every single question.
Always be kind to me and others on this thread.

Request Form
Forum Username:
Character / details + outfits (max 1):
How do you want your PFP to look?:
Additional Information:
Any text?

Thanks for Requesting


Omg, they are all beautiful!!!

Is the character in the third cover inspired Fan BingBing?


Yep these were created by a free for use overlay webiste.
If you want I can make you one


Nah, I’m good.

I’ll request when I need one!


Yay thanks @Secretz_lol