Hi, I am very bored, do you want a random fast sketch?



Hi everyone, I’m CinnamonToast, I’ve never eaten CinnamonToast, and I’m really, really, bored.
Anyways, the motive of this thread is: Do you want a random sketch?
Remember, I’m bored, so it isn’t really good.
I also figured it was a nice time to earn that “first thread or whatever it’s called” badge.
So, here are some examples (and I’m not being professional or anything, I’m just showing you watch a random sketch means)
Also, this is because I’m bored, so you don’t need to use it.
Send a picture of whatever and I’ll sketch it for you.


Thats awesome How did you do that ?


You got to teach em your tips


Aw, thank you! I just outlined it with some weird brush and just keep doing it? I’m experimenting, I’m very, very, very, bored, Like extreme.


Wow its awesome


Thank you, again! :heart:


I have anners undone do you want to do that


They are soo goood!


Thank you so much! :heart:


Suah. What are they? Also I can’t do too much.


Cinnabun your art is amazing!!!


Ok thx so much or do I give you soemthing to sketch


Thank you as well! :heart:


Well, it actually doesn’t matter, I can do anythingggg.


I love your painting style @CinnamonToast! It has an organic feel (well for me anyways)


Thank you so much! Lol I was just messing around. :rofl::heart:


I’ll close since I’ll have to sleep in an hour anyways, and I’ll be up in 10 hours.


Organic?? Lol… @CinnamonToast I LOVE EMMMMM!!


Thank you! Sorry I didn’t see your reply for so long! :heart:


I’m up. Anyone want any more sketches?