Hi I can make you a profile pic [OPEN]

So I decided to take pfp requests (NO COVERS) and I’m only taking 5 of them
Hurry up!!
What I need: your episode character details

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Hey! I’ll pm you the details if you’re still open :slightly_smiling_face: Currently at school so I’ll be back later

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Hey, what details will you exactly need?

Yes pm your details :slight_smile:

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Your episode character details :slight_smile:


I would like to request one then :blush:
Would PM work better?

Can you make mine?

Yes PM will be better :slight_smile:

Hahah you are lucky. You are the last

Last? I thought u were taking 5 of them

Someone secretly asked me on the PM so…

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But if you want I can take you before I close

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Well then what’s your dt?

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What about me? :frowning:

You should send your deets on my PM

Your edit is finished

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That looks good

Haha tysm and u should send your ink details on my PM

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I have :slight_smile: