Hi i do story covers and art scenes FOR FREE!

Hi loves, I make story covers and art scenes for free, i’m new to this so i’m not the best if anyone would like to see examples of my work check out my drive! if your interested in my work and want me to make you one look at the requirements below. I’m also a fellow author I understand u, and how annoying it is to make stories. Bye loves!!!

Info i need to make a cover or art scene:

  • If it’s a cover please tell me the size if you want it to be the vertical cover or the horizontal cover.
  • if it’s a cover if you want it to be hand drawn or not (it will take more time if it is done by hand)
  • a pic of your character/s or their description
  • the outfit you want him/her/them in
  • position you want them to be in (heights, stands, expressions, ect…)
  • (optional) what the stories about (short summery, plot, or symbols that mean something in the story, ect…)

link to my drive:


Love you all!!!
:nerd_face: Elle :nerd_face:


Can I contact you on ig?

im having acount problems right now maybe i could email u instead or something.

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Thanks or working with me cheyenne13

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does anyone else need a story cover made for their story?

i want a story cover for my first story in episode

Ok, so i’m gonna message you on a private chat for the details.

Thank you for working with me ritikathakur!

Hey, can I get a cover done for my new story?

Sure! I’ll contact you on a private chat.