Hi I generally, what’s the best length for episode stories?


Just curious, I’m writing my first story and I want to know how long the chapters should be?


Hey there, @Queenie! The usual chapter length I recommend is 1,000 lines for beginners, if you’re looking a little longer, 1,500-2,000 should be good. Hopefully this helps!


I go by reading time instead of lines because everyone spaces and codes differently. The read time should be at least 10 minutes, and in personal opinion, no more than 20 minutes.
Less then 10 feels like a wasted pass, more then 20 starts to lose my attention and interest.


Hello! @Queenie :slight_smile: it’s just as @allyy20 said really, I usually stop my chapters around the 12000 lines to be safe, hope it helps.


Actually, when writing a story, it all depends on the level of development required to satisfy an audience. While some of my chapters go on for 12,000 lines, others take more than that, as I feel they need more development in order to establish the intrigue factor. It all depends on that, and sometimes you may feel that you don’t need much to catch the reader’s intrigue, and you may end up waffling and not appealing to them. Hope this helps. :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally I think 10-15 minutes of playtime is suffice. The lines will depend on how much choices you include. For example, one of my Episode’s playtime is 10-13 minutes but it’s more than 7K lines due to branching.


Thank you so much for the replies guys


My opinion of a good length is 5-10 minutes. If it’s too long I will stop reading.
The best length I’ve read so far is Becoming Queen Bee (Limelight) by Bronte. I haven’t timed myself reading it but I like the length.


I would say about 10-20 minutes. This can vary depending on if the whole episode is just two people talking, or a lot of action/short scenes. :grin:


I personally aim for 15 minutes but I think anywhere between 10-20 is good. As a few people have mentioned, it’s hard to judge by the number of lines because of branching, directing and the number of spaces people include but in general, I aim for 1500-2000 lines (with basic spot directing and branching and no spaces between dialogue). I have a spotlight story (no directing) and 1200 lines is roughly 15 minutes.


I agree, I usually do 1,000 to 1,500 but longer if the last episode was shorter, or if I want to leave a cliffhanger or something.


In most cases most stories tend to be 1500-200 lines of dialogue! :blush:


as I was told by the Episode team, 900-1200 lines is best for reader retention :relaxed:
not too long, but not too short. just the middle!


I would recommend 1000-2000 lines!


In my opinion, 1,200 minimum and 1500 maximum.


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