Hi I have a story idea but I don't how if I can successfully execute it!

I want one of my characters to be pulled into a room by another character, like is there some sort of arm grab or animations I can use!


Which style LL or INK?

It’s ink. The male will pull the girl into a school library

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lemme see if I can create a small script could you send the background and character over please :blush:

My female character is named Nadine and the male Phil.
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes into School Uniform
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes hairColor into Chestnut
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes mouthColor into Orange Crush
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes eyesColor into Green
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes hair into Straight
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes eyebrows into Thick Flat
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes nose into Soft Natural
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes face into Diamond
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes bodyColor into Umber
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes eyes into Round Bold
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes mouth into Classic

Phil has Light Ocre bodycolor
eyebrows:Thick Arch Athletic
hair: short wave(black)
eyes:classic round(Auburn)
face; Diamond
Nose: Broad
Lips: Pouting Oval(blush)
outfit: school suit


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What background and are there any overlays?

I haven’t used any overlays. I edited the reply ^

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So he pulls her into the library?
Also what is their relationship?

Yes he’s going to attempt to talk with her in private but unfortunately she runs away. This is their first meeting.

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What is his relationship towards her?
Is he in love with her?
Sorry if I’m asking too many questions I just want to get it right :blush:

Not as of yet, he wants to help her get out of town because she’s been kidnapped and f0rced to attend classes, the whole school knows who the new girl(Nadine) is.

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So he wants to help her?

What does the uniform look like?

To shorten it, they are strangers.
I want to change the scene for inside library to INT. JUVIE PHILLY LIBRARY - DAY ,(when they are supposed to see each other in private)
I took these pics directly from the previewer of the story, I’m not sure how you’re using these.

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Preview this and tell me if theres any changes you’d like me to make.
Don’t be shy to tell me if you’d like something different I’m happy to help :smile:

&NADINE stands screen center AND NADINE spot 0.895 196 176
&PHIL stands screen center AND PHIL spot 1.003 -62 130
&zoom on 4 263 to 246% in 0
@NADINE walks to spot 0.895 57 177 in 3 AND NADINE faces left
&PHIL is frustrated
&NADINE is think
@pause for 1
&NADINE walks to spot 0.895 -37 171 in 0.5 AND NADINE is startled_surprised
&PHIL walks to spot 1.003 -96 130 in 0.4
@transition fade out in 1

&PHIL stands screen center AND PHIL spot 0.871 118 158 AND PHIL is arms_crossed AND PHIL faces left
&NADINE stands screen center AND NADINE spot 0.811 38 176 AND NADINE is talk_repulsed

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I was previewing it in google chrome from earlier in the script and it zoomed in a lot. I saw that Nadine was in her cupcake pjs but that often happens because of a lag/glitch.

so how ccan i help change that?

Nevermind, it should be fine. I hope readers are able to understand it at least. They got cropped a little bit but I edit in Microsoft edge so it’s all good. Thank you very much for the help! It came out really well, I’m impressed!

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your welcome :blush: