Hi, i need a band name for my story

hi i am writing a new story called “hotel california

what it is about- you and your friends go to hotel california for a vacation. what happens when you meet shane, and he happens to be apart of a famous band? will you recognize him? will you fall in?

these are the band members-
shane (main character and lead singer) -

Jay ( Drummer)-

Ethan (Bassist)-

Dre (Guitarist)-

if you want to be a character go on to my other thread :slightly_smiling_face:
and they are like a pop band similar to bands like-

  1. 5 seconds of summer
  2. Imagine Dragons
  3. The Chainsmokers
    so if you have any good band names please let me know :slightly_smiling_face:
    i will aslo credit you :heart:

I DO have some band names in mind but would you be able to further describe them first?

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what do you mean? like personality?

I guess that would help

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ok, i will do that in a sec i just gotta finish creating a character first :slightly_smiling_face:


fun, protective, bold, friendly, sometimes serious

shy, creative, fun, friendly, quiet

crazy, independent, fun, bold, serious, loud, can be annoying

kind, funny, goofy

(sorry for the late reply i was busy creating some characters for the story {Dre})

Some good band names

  1. G.U.I.T.A.R (You can make up something the letters stand for maybe Gone Under In The Art Room, IDK some kind of band name you know?)
  2. The Rock Service
  3. The Love of Hearts
  4. Flight of Hearts
  5. Music Mayhem
  6. The Dreaded
  7. Violet Time
  8. Seismic Time
  9. H.O.T.S (Stands for: Heart On The Sleeve)
  10. Aquatic Pain
  11. Honestly Burn
  12. Instant Sweetheart
  13. Heart Attack
  14. Rampage
  15. Partners in Crime
  16. Sincerely Sin
  17. Hour Glass
    So those were some ideas. Hope they help.

This isn’t for me but I love the sincerely sin one!


thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

i like this one

but what do you guys think i should use

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What ever you like it’s your story

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The Eagles of Chemical Romance


Rhythmic Rebels
Sound Seduction
Beating Desire
Love Addicts
Poetic Pleasure

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i like this one as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad I could help

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