Hi I need a cover and a Splash 2019

Hello i’m writing a story of my life.
I need someone to help me to make a cover and a splash.
I would be greatful for you who can and want to reach out to me

Thank you for reading my topic!

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I can help!

Sorry for keeping u waiting for a month but i haven’t had time to check in on episode.
But do you still want to help?


Ok so tell me how you can help me
(p.s i am new here so i dont know everything :slight_smile: )

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Here’s what I put on my request thread.

Here are some other examples I have made:



Ok! So now i give you details about my charecters?

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If you still need help for a Splash, I may help you…

Hmm. yes. can you give me some examles?

Sure, come to my art shop…

I think that your splashes are great! I would love for you to make a splash w a “Thanks for reading caption”

Kinda like this one.
But w like w this theme.

Like w the characters a lined up ya know.


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Ok…!! U can send ur character details in the shop!

Ok! :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

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