Hi I need a Partner! Im writing a story also Im a newbie

The story’s about a girl that was born in 1908 and had a husband and daughter she had a lovely life until she got into a crash while it was raining which lead a struck of thunder to hit her and made her come back to life but made her the same age… if your interested here’s my insta : kaes.episode_xo

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Its a romance/fantasy I need help if anyone can be a co writer with me that would help a lot

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I am currently writing my own story ( I also am prepared/ing to write 2 more if my first is good) but after that I have no idea I’d :100: be interested in making anything with someone(s).

I can work on another story while writing my own :wink:
Also it would be nice to have friends on here :heart:

I can help I am also a New by we can make stories together and become the best

Can help you to make a story

Hey contact me on insta and we can talk abt writing a story if you want! Insta: butterfly.episode16

Sure… will contact you… my insta id is Angelsnowflakes_0

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