Hi I need help for my first story

Need help for my first story

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what do u need help with angel? :))

What do you need?? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I need help with my story need an opinion about it

okay! i’m sure i can help <3

Here my story
Tell me what u think
Shadow and light’s guardians

First chapter

Main character /Guardian:

Esmeralda Korra
Veronica Auriana
Yoshimitsu Jordan
Damon Katara

Guardian / Power:

Korra Air, water, fire, earth
Auriana Crystal
Jordan Crystal
Katara Water

Créatures surnaturelles :

Théo Vampire
jake Wolf
Veronica Witch
Clara Ghost
Sofia Mermaid
Stella Fairy

wolf pack :

Alpha Jake
Luna Alicia
Futur luna Esmeralda
beta Liam

Lunar Guardian

Queen Usagiu
Princess Chibuisa
Sailor Venus Minako
Sailor Jupiter Mako
Sailor Mars Rei
Sailor Mercury Ami

Vampire pack :

Vampire king Theo
Vampire queen Esmé
Vampire princess Akamé
Vampire princess Shizuka

Location :

Los Angeles
Central park New York
North Groenland
South Groenland

The story begins in Los Angeles with Esmeralda kuran,she lives with Veronica near the ocean .

Yoshimitsu lives in New York with Damon . Esmeralda is 20 years old , she is romantic, she likes watching tv show , détective movies, she likes the color blue , pink and purple . Veronica is 21 years old . She is romantic , she likes Reading manga ,she also likes watching tv shows and détective movies , she loves the color blue and purple . Yoshimitsu is 20 years old . He is romantic and charismatic , he likes Reading détective books and manga, he also likes to watch détective movies , he loves the colors black and blue . Damon he is 21 years old . He is romantic and athletic , he likes watching tv show , he also likes playing vidéo games , he loves the color blue.

There is a new gang in New York ,the name of the gang is royal art of vampire, the name of the leader is Theo Aristove ,he wants damon to join his gang to steal painting and selling fake paintings. Esmeralda is studying in science school , she wants to work in a biological labotory in New York . Veronica is studying in literature school, she wants to become a writer .

Yoshimitsu is doing the détective school , he want to be a détective .

Damon is doing a school of art , he wants to be a painter . The avatar Korra is the most powerfull Guardian , there are Twin Guardians their names are Jordan and Auriana , another Guardian her name is Katara . Korra has the power of the four éléments she is the Guardian of Esmeralda , Auriana has a Crystal power she is the Guardian of Veronica , Jordan has a crystal power he is the guardian of yoshimitsu , Katara can control the water and she is the Guardian of Damon . Korra and katara are leaving in the north of the Groenland near a secret village of ninja . The twin Guardians are leaving in the south of the Groenland in another secret village . The guardian’s missions is to keep the dragon flame safe, and to keep the evil creatures inside the darkness . There are six supernatural creatures vampire: Theo, ghost: Clara ,wolf: jake, witch: Veronica, mermaid: sophia,fairy : Stella . Theo has the power of seeing the future , Jake has night vision , Veronica has telekinesis power ,Sophia has a beautiful voice and Stella has the power of the sunlight . The guardian have to protect a sword

There is a legend about that sword , the legend says the sword is cursed and if a people take that sword he will curse the entire world and it says only a guardian can touch that sword . There is one of the guardian who have a mystery book of every legend . There is also a legend about a necklace ,the legend says that a true leader with a pure heart can take that necklace and if that person can take the object he or she can be the most powerful person under the full moon, there is also another legend about scepter and a crown , it says , in a full moon night the four objects give the true power of the most power full warrior . There is also a supernatural creature , it’s about someone who is a vampire and also werewolf . Esmeralda and Veronica meet Yoshimitsu and Damon in Los Angeles at the beach during the Summet break. Esmeralda fell madly in love with Yoshimitsu , and Veronica fell madly in love with Damon. Three years after their studies they all have their qualifications , they all can do their dreams jobs . Esmeralda is working as a scientist at the nypd , Yoshimitsu is working as a detective at the New York police station . Veronica is working as an writter at the times magazine , and Damon is working as a painter in New York . The four friends bought an appartement in New York near centre Park , after living together yoshimitsu asked Esmeralda to Mary him and she said yes to him.

She is the daughter of Jake and Alicia . There is a legend , it says if a wolf is marrying a human that wolf will have to turn her or him into a wolf . Will Esmeralda turn Yoshimitsu into a wolf ? 5 years later Esmeralda turned yoshimitsu after their wedding , but some vampires trashed the event , so a war begun . There was a war 5 hundred years ago between the vampire and the werewolf for the underworld’s throne but the werewolf knows that they can’t win against the vampire because vampires are much stronger than wolves.

Second chapiter

Esmeralda’s parents are Alicia and Jake , they are the queen and the king of the lunar pack . Esmeralda have a brother named Liam and he is beta pack of the lunar pack .

Esme and Theo are the person who rules the underworld they have two daughters named Akamé and Shizuka . Theo is the one who turned Damon into a vampire, than Damon turned Veronica into a vampire . But Veronica was turned by Esmeralda into a wolf so she is half wolf half vampire and half witch .

Esmeralda’s great great grand mother was the queen of the lunar pack , and Akame’s great great grand father was the king of the underworld . The world was peaceful 1500 years ago it was a time of peaceful vampire and wolf. The wolf and the vampire made a trade 500 years ago . Esmeralda’s great great grand mother was named Elena , and Akame’s great great grand father was named Eliot . Elena and Eliot fell madly in love each other . They lived together and 3 years later they married each other than they did a trade . A few years later they had a daughter named Chibuisa . Chibuisa is the princess of lunar pack , she has earth and lunar power . The loyalist are some people who was against the two royal family and they start a war for the power, who will survive in this war ? There is only Chibuisa who survive to this war, and nobody knows what happened to the two royal family’s. Chibuisa took the legendary crystal of the moon and she came to the past from the future to tell Esmeralda that there is a war in the future between the moon and the earth ,Usagi and chibuisa gave the legendary moon crystal to Esmeralda for winning the war against the dark moon , they need to work together hand in hand .Akamé and Esmeralda are twin sister .

Third chapiter

Two ordenary people discovered two people of the lunar pack in the middle of the cave of Diamond, They was traped in the Time .Between the hundred of years and now it’s been past seven years they was frozen in the Time . There was a Wisard named Gray who gaved freedom one of the Twins sisters who was the lost princesse of the lunar pack named Esmeralda she was the most power full person of the land , she had the power to communicate whith the three .the other sister Freed her self with her voice and her name is Akame , she is in love with gray . Veronica can manipulate the Time with her magic , she is like 50 witchs reunited , every éclipse she is more powerfull than ever , because she is half wolf half vampire and half witch. Esmeralda’s brother was alive he is named Liam . Liam can see what is going to happen in the

Future , he felt in love with sofia.

So what do u think

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