Hi I Need Help With A Cover!

Hi, I’m new to this. I’m Camilla. I’m writing a story called Body Talk and I need am artist for covers and possibly splashes! Must be able to draw really well and be able to make covers. That’s about it.


STYLE- Ink!!!

BG- Bedroom background

OUTFITS- Girl in something red and seductive, boy in ripped jeans and unbuttoned shirt, revealing his muscular abs ;)))))

POSITION?-Positioning in the middle of the screen

ACTIONS- Girl is facing forward with a kind of wink/smirk on her face and her left hand reaches up and is touching the boy’s cheek

ACTIONS- Boy is behind her and holding her waist and his head is slightly above her shoulder and he’s looking down biting his lip a bit.

If anyone can do this reply and I’ll give you my character details!

Also, include your @ somewhere on the top left NOT TO BIG! So I can credit you + you’re @ is there anyway :smile:


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Hey i could try and gelp you, love :blush: and welcome to the Forums :heart:

thank you! sorry for late reply, i didn’t have my computer. Could i see some examples of your work??:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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No Problem :slight_smile::sparkling_heart: and ofc!


they are fantastic! if you’d like to do mine, the character positions and outfits are above.

here are how they look:


skin: honey
brows: thin soft arch
hair: straight, fawn
eyes: upturned female, blue
face: oval
nose: upturned
lips: classic, taupe

again, you can make up and draw what she’s wearing! but something sexy ;)))


skin: tan
eyebrows: thin arch
hair: modern pompadour, black
eyes: stoic almond, blue
face: defined triangle
nose: button
lips: uneven, terracotta

again the boy is wearing a shirt that is kind of opened enough to see how muscular he is. his head is slightly above her shoulder and he’s looking down (let’s say at her boobs) and biting is lip. the girl is facing forward smirking and shes holding his left cheek. (he is leaning on her left). he is holding her waist btw. also, if you could add a tattoo on his arm like the one’s in episode thanks you!:heart::heart::heart:

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oh the background can be any remake of INT. DUMPY BEDROOM - NIGHT and in zone 2 please. The story name is gonna be Body Talk, can you write that best fit, in what you think would be in the right place and the right font?

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Thx! and okay! :blush: oh and do you need it soon?
Cuz i have another cover request to do :sweat_smile::smiley:

Oh and do you have maybe a similar photo of the pose :smile:?

hm… I’ll try and find one, although I won’t know how to share with you because i don’t know how to upload things on here :grimacing::grin: and no! take your absolute time!!!

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oh! i found one… not sure how to upload it here im so sorry. but i want it to be the position of No Self Control by Andrianne Roxi… although I want him on the otherside and therefore her other hand touching his cheek etc… :heart: :heart:

Here you can oploade things, so just click this…

Oh okay :purple_heart::hugs:

oh thank you :heart:! I only have this app on my computer I’ll try download it on my phone too so I can access it more often in order to reply quicker!

Thank you sm for doing my cover art! take as long as you need. I’m so grateful. omgomg thank you xxx. please message me back when its finished


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Okay ! :hibiscus: and no problem :sparkling_heart::hugs: and yes i will send you it when it is finished :heart:

Oh and what for a bedroom background do you want? :purple_heart:


sorry i forgot!

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Np :heart:

Oh and what resize :blush:

sorry I dont know what you mean by resize?

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how big should the picture be ?:blush: