Hi i need quick help!

Hi how do i turn the sound on and off? This is so dumb haha


There should be a button on the side of your phone to lower the volume press the button closer to the ground.

For PC there should be a button on the first row or something- just press all the keys until you find it.


Oh no haha like sound on in your story like
ThE soUndS

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Oh, sorry you can’t turn off your ears-
But that would be cool.

Oh just saw the last part of that, I don’t use sounds. Sorry. :tipping_hand_woman::sunglasses::two_hearts:

I think it’s music_off

To turn on the sounds/ music: You have a sound “library” on the portal, you need to choose a sound/music for music you do: music (music name) and for a sound it’s- sound (sound name)

All you have to do is music off

Hi guys!! I need help! can someone tell me how to do moving backgrounds? Thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

She asked about turning sounds on as well :))

Oh and if you want to put music on all you. Do is
Music kpop
Or whatever you want

To turn your sound off BUT to have it fade out write:

volume sound 0 1000
volume music 0 1000

(The 0 is the volume- 0 to 100)
(The 1000 is the amount of seconds- 1000=1 second- 2000=2 seconds)
Hope this helps!
Also you must write this code after every fade out or else you music will be silent throughout your episode, make sure to change the volume back to 100 once you add another sound! :grin:

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