Hi I need some characters for edits!


So. I love to sit around drawing edits/pfps but I can be so lazy and don’t want to make characters. So if you have a character or deets that would be awesome!


Ink please!


Thanks girl!






body: olive
brow: defined natural
hair: beach wave (fawn)
eyes: upturned bold (green)
face: soft heart
nose: aqueline
lips: classic toffee


I don’t mind which clothes :grin:


I am so sorry. But I don’t really do LL


No worries :grin: I have ink details I’ll send soon




skin tone light
brows soft angled
nose soft natural
hair beach wave fawn
face oval
eyes upturned bold brown
lips classic scarlet


Great awesome!


@Jeremy or @Sydney_H could you please close this thread



Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: