Hi I need some help writing a story


I’m not sure if this is in the right category cause I don’t really know if it’s a writing partner. Anway. I ah e decided to write a story. But I need some help. So if you are creative(because sometimes I am not) and good at coding because in we am good at at that. Pm me please. Thank you!


I’m not that good of being creative but I’m kinda of good at coding and I also need a writing partner


Okay cool.


Yeah we can talk on here or email


Mesg me if you need help still




They reply back and said this Hi Lana,

Thank you for writing back, I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this on the Writer’s Portal.
This is also a currently a known issue.
I’ve passed the details you have provided onto the team to help them investigate. We are really sorry for the trouble in the meantime!

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.
Thank you very much for playing, and have a wonderful day!



Atleast they replied and hopefully they will get on the problem


Yeah I followed you back on Instagram


They are working on it now


I downloaded google chrome app on my iPhone to see if it works on there