Hi, I need some help!

So I’m creating a scene where a character runs into scene and then knocks over someone. When I preview it the character pauses and then falls. How do I change that, whats the correct coding? Thank you.

Not sure as I haven’t done a similar scene yet for my stories. So correct me if I’m wrong, but after the run command maybe put then then put the fall command after?

Maybe like this…

@CHARACTER is run then fall

I dont remember the anims lol

@CHARACTER walks to spot z x y in s and CHARACTER does it while run_animation THEN CHARACTER is fall and CHARACTER2 is fall

what she said lol

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Hey…i think i know …i created a similar scene…
@CHARACTER 1 walk_neutral
@CHARACTER 1 starts fall
@CHARACTER 2 starts fall

Or if you want easier…then use the animation…

Hope helped you,
If it doesn’t work or you don’t understand…please tell me…

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