Hi I really need help animation is not working ☹

Here is the wanted animation:

And this is how it looks from the previewer :slight_smile:

I don’t know why the animation is not working I mean previously it used to work without any problem but now it’s not what should I do??

What’s wrong with it?

It was supposed to be terrified & not idle

uhh instead of start try BIANKA faces left AND BIANKA is idle_terrified_rear_loop

I’ll try

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Still the same

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Im not really sure then, I’ve never had this problem. I’m sorry

It’s alright thank you

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Use ‘@’ instead of ‘&’ in the overlay shifting command and put that command after the overlay layer command. In the overlay layer command use ‘&’ instead of ‘@’. Here is a dummy code of what I meant:

&overlay BMW3 scales to - - - -
&overlay BMW3 moves to layer - - - -
@overlay BMW3 shifts to - - -

Sometimes this is a glitch in the app. Is it working in the portal?

Thanks a lot but I fixed it

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Never mind it was a glitch indeed I refreshed the portal to check & now it’s working


Good to hear!

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