Hi. I want to include a muslim character in my story but I need help

Hi everyone. For my story I want each character to have a very different background so that teenagers can identify theirselves in the characters. I would like to include a muslim character in my story but for respect to all muslim people I want to make sure not to make them dress or do things they aren’t allowed to.
Consequently I would like to ask (other than the hijab) if there are any further information I should keep in mind for clothing. Also if there are rules regarding what they generally can or can’t do (for instance I know they can’t drink and can’t have sex till marriage). Please give me any useful information you have


I have a muslim friend, and I can tell you that a muslim has to be modest when wearing clothing. Long sleeve shirts are a MUST. If not, a jacket to cover their bare arms (you must cover legs and feet too). And muslims don’t celebrate any holiday because according to them, they derived from bad things. That’s what I know mostly


Well they do dress modestly and don’t take alcohol. And if they go parties they dress modestly and without the hijab on. They have scarfs in replacement.


This is very useful, thanks

Thank you very much


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Oh!! Thanks!! I’ll read it now

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You are welcome.

Hey there! I’m a non-hijabi Muslim and I come from a Muslim dominant country. If you’d like to ask me anything feel free too!

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Hi!!! In my story there is a swimming team and the muslim girl is part of it but episode doesn’t have burkinis… what should I do?

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I think the trick here is to layer different clothing and make them look like a burkini! Here’s an example feel free to use;

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Thank you so much!!!

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Thank you so much for sharing! :heart:

I just wanted to make sure that the right link was getting shared so others can come to use it too.

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