Hi I want to join a RP


Does anyone have or know any good rps I can join?


Auror HIgh
Aura High. Rp signups open. Anyone is welcome!
Auror High Part 2 Official RP
Auror High Orp/Discussion Thread! 🏫

The Fears
The Fears ~ RP ~ Sign Ups // OPEN

◤ Exousía School for Exceptional Teens || RP/SG || Sign Ups ◢


Are those still looking for members?


they are open to signups yes




There is also the Love High RP


You can join mine.
Murder in School~ RP & SG Sign Up


You can join mine.

The Disappearances
This is based off the book.

You live in Sterling, one of the three towns affected by The Disappearances. Every seven years something goes missing-reflections, scents, the stars, the ability to dream, the colours of pens, pencils and paints. There is no way to stop the disappearances but there are variants that can temporarily give you back something which you lost. You will be role playing as a student or teacher in a boarding school in Sterling.

Tagging people who have shown interest: @FallenAngelNight13, @SilverStar, @brinn, @Ella, @Etherwalker, @Kate_Potter, @epi.alyssaa, @Rose.M, @Mia_Tumblr

Sign Up Rules:

  • No perfect characters
  • You can create up to ten characters
  • Avoid having the same face claim and name as other characters

Sign Ups 30
Extra Info 11
Face Claims 29
Dorm Mates 13

Maths= @ChayChay
English= @Shani_Theo
Foreign Languages= @FallenAngelNight13
PE= @FallenAngelNight13
Variant Science= @16AngelCat
Headmaster= @16AngelCat