Hi, i want to request an edit

Hi, i want an edit
Can you pls show me your examples

Hi you may need to go to a art shop. Most people don’t respond to post like these.

But most of the art shop are closed because of there full list of request and some art shop don’t responses only so, i thought if i made like this topic some artist would come here and help me

I found one in just a few seconds, there are still art shops that are opened

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Not to sound rude, but posts like this don’t get as much interest because there’s no detail. When you’re already asking for someone to create something for you, it’s nice to see some effort put into the post where you’re asking for help :blush:

If you’re unsure what you should put, try to format your post like this:

What you’re looking for: Cover/Art Scene/PFP… etc
What style you’re looking for: Limelight/Ink/Realistic/Semi-realistic/Cartoon… etc
Whether you only want artists who work for free, or are willing to commission someone. (Bear in mind, there will be limits to free work people are willing to do.)

Provide pictures of the characters (ideally in the pose you want and wearing the clothes you want them to wear… if applicable)
If the pose isn’t an episode pose/clothes aren’t episode clothes, then provide photos of the pose reference you would like, and clothing references.
List how much of the body you want visible in the finished piece.
Also provide a written list of character details: skin/hair/eye colour etc.

This information will give potential artists the ability to decide if they will be able to make the piece for you, as some artists only work with one style for example, and enquiring for more details may give the illusion you have found someone and deter others from responding.


Oh, I am sorry, I didn’t know, next time I will make sure to put that details


Also i have got my editor


That’s great, I’m glad you found someone!