Hi I want to use this in my story but I'm not sure who made it, can someone please tell me who made this background so I can give credit?

Thanks and bye xxxx


Where’d you find it?

Also, @JemU776, you’re pretty good at finding the source of pictures. Do you mind helping out?

I found it on Pinterest and thank you :slight_smile:

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If you’re using an image from a site like Pinterest or Google, please use caution. Usually the site’s pictures are copyrighted, and you could get sued over it.

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it was my first time using the site i didn’t know. thanks anyway.

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This is originally from Episode, but I don’t know who edited it.

This was done by Miss K I don’t know what her name is on the forum now as there @MissK and @Miss_K both haven’t been on in a long time.