Hi I'm looking for a writing partner


I would like to start making a story with another person.
I’m Spanish so it’s a bit difficult for me to write one alone.

I'm looking for a writing partner! :)

I also wanted to have a writing partner! If your interested we could further talk about this


Hi Lexy, Where can we talk? Do you have Instagram?


I’m down! my insta is @patddolans I will reply ASAP.


sorry if you found someone else, but my Instagram is @thicker_snicker_


Hi, does anyone want to work with me in my new story?

I speak Spanish so it’s a bit difficult to write stories on my own.

People interested, send a message.


DM me on instgram kayla.b10


Hey… i would really like to write a story whit you … what are your ideas for the story? :blush::star_struck:


Hi Scarlet, are you still interested?




Ok, do you have Instagram?


Hi Scarlet, I need to know it now. Are you looking for someone else?


i would love to help if needed (and i speak fluent English, french and Slovak)


Ok, do you have Instagram ?




i do have an email if you would like to email me


Ok, so where do we talk?


well my email is brookek555@gmail.com we could email or talk on google hangouts?


Ok I send you an email?