Hi I'm looking for an artist in ink :)

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well.
I am looking for an artist for an art scene, here is the description and if you think you can do it, contact me here or on instagram: @HopeFrvrM

Thank you and see you soon!


**Characters: ** INK
Girl: Skin: light. Brow: defined natural. Hair: straight red. Eyes: upturned bold brown. Face: soft heart. Nose: soft natural. Lips: classic scarlet. Outfit: none.

Boy: Skin: tan. Brow: thick arch. Hair: man bun cayenne. Eyes: athletic round green. Face: chiseled square. Nose: button. Lips: uneven terracotta. Outfit: none.

Babies: same as episode : one white, one pink and one purple.
Like this:

Details: They are cover by a black blanket that’s why there is no need of an outfit. And the girl holds 2 babies and the man holds one. And they look happy :slight_smile:

Poses examples:
Something like this but with the description I gave.

Thank you for your time! :hibiscus:

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I found someone! :slight_smile:

Marked as solved and closed :lock: