Hi, i'm new to episode yay

Hello everyone. I’m a new writer and also a new reader <3
Nice to meet you guys


Nice to meet you, girl! :heartbeat:


Same here.
Welcome :heart:

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Welcome! :laughing:

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Welcomee! :revolving_hearts:

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Nice to meet you too!

Hello, nice to meet you

Hi, nice to meet you!

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Hello, so glad to meet you

Hey! Welcome!!

welcome to the community ! my dms are opened if you ever need help or just simply wanna chat <3

Hi welcome to fourms

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Welcome! If you need any help feel free to PM me :sparkling_heart:

Will do thank u

Hey, welcome. Feel free to dm me on insta if you have questions or something. :slight_smile:
My insta is @gabi.episode

welcome! nice to meet you too!

Greetings! :grin:

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: