Hi! I'm new to this... How do Read for Reads (r4rs) work?

I’ve seen read for reads around a lot. I know that two people agree to read each other’s stories and send proof like a screenshot to each other. But, is there anything else to it? Like, do most r4rs require payment?

And, I have seen r4rs with gems…what does that mean? Does it mean that the person who is reading it for you will have to spend that amount of gems in that read in exchange for something else like a read for 3 chapters of their story?

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If you mean payment in terms of money, then no. Usually the creator of a thread will tell you what their rules are in the top post and you’d follow them. If you’re on IG, they might have their rules in their highlights or on one of their posts. Every case is different but in general, you both decide on the number of chapters to be read, message each other with screenshots as proof and that’s pretty much it. Don’t ghost because no one likes it when someone doesn’t keep their end of the deal (it’s a terrible thing to do!)

Read 4 reads with gems are when both parties settle on using the same number of gems on each other’s story. I’ve seen one where they both settled on 15 gems total (5 gems per 3 chapters on support author choice but some may agree to one chapter or just two or maybe more). Gem reads are optional, you can stick with regular read for reads if you are more comfortable doing so and don’t want to spend gems.

Alright. Got it. Thanks!

No problem :+1:

I understand now. Thanks!

If you ever need more clarification or tips on anything Episode related, feel free to PM me :v:

Oh ha ha. Yeah, you replied two different things so I just thanked you on both! :grin: