Hi ineed of two coders

hi I’m writing two stories and i need two coders for those two stories

Hi. I would love to help.
Its my first time offering to do coding for others so i don’t really know how it works…
Dont get me wrog :sweat_smile: i know how to do coding pretty well.
I just dont know how you proceed in this thing.
Like am I coding directly on your account or Ill send you the coding and you transfer it yourself?

Anyway, if you’re interested please let me know

hi, you will be coding off your account and then you will send it to me and i put it on my script

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Hi there, I’m a coder, here’re some information about my services, in case you’re interested.

If you want some examples of my work, there’s a link to my google drive with a few examples. I also have some posted on my Instagram (@v.h_stories), or you can check out my story (link given on the thread.)

Ok. I understand.
Well, let me know if you want me to help you :blush:

Yes i need your help and do you have a gmail and instagram

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Yes. My Instagram is also frey.251

Okay i just followed on instagram

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It’s the same for your email as well or

My gmail is episodeo968@gmail.com

Hey i just email you some scripts