Hi is this storyline bad?

i’ve seen lots of posts saying they hate stories about toxic relationships but my story is based on the mc losing herself bc of a toxic rs but eventually changing for the better and realising she doesn’t need him :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: is that too cringey/cliché or … :confused:


It depends. Is the Li toxic? Yes definitely. How about some random dude that you met at the mall? It’s fine as long as it’s not TOO extra

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The storyline itself seems good (as I already said in another thread baha) and I actually do think we need stories that portray toxic relationships and how they can negatively impact people instead of just being blatantly romanticized and that’s it.

I do however suggest that if it’s going to take awhile for your character to develop and realize the toxicity, that you state that at the start of your story so your readers know that you don’t have an intention of romanticization and glorification of toxicity.


I think it’s a good story with a good message!

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sorry i don’t really understand what you mean😅

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I meant that it can be anyone who’s toxic but not the LI as that could send a different message

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