Hi looking for a writing partner!

Hello. I am looking for a writing partner which can help me with my story i already have the plot figured out , it is a story called Murder Mansion about a Rich girl who lives in the mansion
where the last victims of the Gravelsdale killer were murdered in the past, she obviously does not know this anyway she hosts her sweet 16 at her mansion and invites the whole town , everything is fine at first until she and her boyfriend go to the bathroom to make out ,where they find the body of her friend with a note on it saying “survive the night” and after that the night starts to turn into a cat and mouse game between the killer and the people at the party.

hopefully that makes sense im not that good at explaining things

I may be able to help, could you PM me with what exactly you need?
Coder, ideas, character development etc.

Hi, I would like to be your partner.I am new here but I have got a good hang on the coding. You can checkout my story called Accept My Love

i will check it out later your story seems cool!

Thank you appreciate it