Hi looking for free art again

Hi again I looking for someone who can make me free art
of course I will give credits evrey chapter and I will recommend it (the artist and the work) on my page
I asking again 'cuse it didn’t work last time
thanks for the helpers


What sort of art are you looking for? Is it a cover? art scene? splash? overlays? Story card?


If you are looking for anything edited
You can check out my shop
Rainbow art shop


check out the art shops on here and on instagram x

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What type of art you looking for? All my art is free, the only time I will use commission is for using my photography photos for backgrounds.

Here are some of my examples.


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What kind of art are you looking for? I do some just list the types of art you are looking for than, I tell you if I do that type of art or not. I can post examples too.

Art Shop: two_hearts Simply2basic artsy shop two_hearts (FREE & Open) (edited covers, character cards, splashes & much more!)

That is one good art shop to visit!

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I can make art cover for u as well
If u still interested pm me!

If you are looking for drawn covers I can do it for you.
If you are interested pm me. :blush::two_hearts::two_hearts: