Hi maybe someone can help me 😊

So basically like I’m going to do a tap a bolt overlay where you pick the overlay that you want and then it does what you wanted to do obviously you know the reader picks it and I have the code in for it to move but I also want to light them to be able to pick certain things, okay so this is what I’m trying to do basically there’s going to be a birthday party in episode 11 of my story the mom is going to do a little girl’s nails so I want to have three colors and I want you to be able as the reader to pick which color you would like weather to be one color to color all three colors to some kids like more than one color on their nails and then I want you to know obviously I’m going to draw the hand laying out flat and then an overlay of nail polish would you just be a color would appear as you do it so I need not only help with how to tap on the overlays without like little question thing showing up but like I guess to add the ifs and stuff in it I don’t really know how to do any of that so if anybody would like love to help me out has the patience to help me out because going to be a lot of help and don’t really understand all of it I’d be truly grateful late appreciate it and I would definitely credit you. If you think you can help me out with this please just let me know to message me and we can work it all out together I’m working on getting the overlays all made right now should have them done within like an hour to two hours tops if not sooner.

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