Hi need help (trust issues)

Hi I’m talking to this girl and I really need help I like her a lot but I’m terrified of opening up again I just recovered from getting out of two toxic friendships (I was very depressed and my mental health was horrible ,also anxiety got worse) she is the first person beside my bestie that I’ve really opened up to after the toxic friendships I briefly told her about it and now I’m scared and wanna run away I mean what if I get hurt again I don’t know if I can go through all that again but I rlly like her idk plz help…


Girl, just a chance, if you don’t you might miss out on a amazing new friend. And if they’re toxic then they just lost a really amazing person :sparkles:




just do what u wanna do, and expect the unexpected. And if something bad happens, don’t blame urself. Just try to find who’s blame it is. And if it’s ur fault then don’t give up on everything. Just try to be the better version of urself and be happy always.

I don’t know if this made sense :expressionless::expressionless:


The best thing I’d say is not to have any expectations and go with the flow. I’ve had toxic friendships to and one thing I’ve learned is that they all have similar characteristics. Just be careful, if she doesn’t show any red flags then you’re good to go. Always remember to put yourself first and be happy on your own because no one not even your friend can help you with that because the last thing you want is to expect your friend to be like a literal medicine to help you on your bad days (if that makes sense). I hope that your friendship goes well! x


I don’t really have any friends, so I turned to social medias and stuff, even the forums, and found a bunch of friends here. Now I can be myself, and if anyone judges me, what can they do?
ps. the community and vibe here’s just asdfghjkl; amazing. I don’t know if anyone judges me :slight_smile:


My advice would be to take the opportunity to let yourself take that chance.
If you don’t take it you might miss something you could unexpect.
And you never know what’s to come.
So I suggest trying and see where it takes you.:blush:

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