Hi, New here I need help making a cover for my story

Hi! I’m new but I’ve already posted three episodes! Yay! But I would really like a cover that featured my characters, My story’s called Double the Trouble, and the couple i would like together are the girl in the blue and the boy in the red jacket facing the other two. i would like each couple next to each other facing the other couple, and if possible I would like to background to be like a school yard plz! Thank you!

I might be able to help

Really thank u!

I could help you. If you still need it

Yes, please thank you.

Would you like this drawn or edited?

um… drawn please
thank you!

Your welcome. Do you have a time frame? I don’t know if it would be down within that time or not. But maybe 3-4 days.

No, no time fame lease take your time! thank you!

Ok. I’ll get on it. If I have any questions I will pm you.

ok great thank you!

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