Hi new writer and basically new to everything here

Hellooooo ^^

I just joined-well ish lol and I’m Currently writing a few new stories, but I have anxiety and get really nervous when people read my stories. Any ideas on over coming this :cry:

Anyway, I also really hope to make new friends. If you want me to follow your episode account let me know (somehow lol i’m still quite new to everything here) and then we can follow each other :hugs:

Anyway I hope you all have a nice day. :heart:


Hi, I’m Frumkin and I’m kind of new here as well m, I’ve been watching Episode stories for like an half a year and I loved it! But I’m new here because I started writing a story just a week ago, and I’m scared as well about the reactions of my story. In these forums I’m just one day here so don’t worry you are not alone if you need help just tell me.

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Moved to Resources section as that’s the best place to ask writing-specific questions of your fellow Episodians :slight_smile: Carry on and welcome to the forums! :v:t2:


hi! @Frumkin and @Avichii ! nice to meet you! I’ve been in this community for around 4 years now. If you guys ever need me to review a story for you! Feel free to send me your link!

Also don’t worry! We all get nervous when writing stories. I’d love to be friends with you both!

Thank you so much!

No problem!

Thank you <3

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Thank you so muchhh. You made me feel so much better. :blush:

It’s nice too me you too! I’d love to be friends with you too. Honestly thank you so much :heart:

Nice to meet you!!! I’m glad that I made you feel better! <3

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: