Hi pfp needed!☺️💞

Hey is there anybody out there willing to make me drawn ink pfp?:blush:


Hey! I can make one for you. Just tell me your character deets, personality, and clothing choice :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Hi can I see your examples!:hugs:


Hi do you do drawn?

Hi. Unfortunately, I do not. Sorry about that.

It’s okay than you anyway :slight_smile:

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Heya, I do drawn edits. Here are my examples-

The last two are outlines made by PerplexedJam!

It’s so beautiful will you mind if i give you my character details?:blush:

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Of course, that’s fine! Could you also give me a vibe/theme you want or any specific colours? :blob_hearts:

I like the color pastel blue!


you can do anything with the outfit I don’t mind☺️

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Alright, cool! I will start it soon :heart:

Okay thank you😊

Just want to let you know it will likely take a few days, but no longer than a week. Ideally I’d have finished it today but I’ve got a lot going on in my personal life rn, I’m sorry :pleading_face::sweat_smile::two_hearts:

Hey, you can go to one of the many


m a n y

pfp shops instead of making a completely new topic that wasn’t necessary at all :blush:

Don’t rush take your time😊

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