Hi there...hi everyone

I am a new member, so I do not have a friend. You can make friends with me. I want to learn more.

Thank you.


Welcome to the forum! I really need a friend too



Welcome to the forum!

Hi, you can talk to me if you need anything

Welcome to the forum dear… Feel free to pm me if u getting bored…

Welcome to the forum! :heart: It’s and amazing place and I hope you have a great time here!

Heyy :slight_smile:

Hello @vincitygialam, this is Sydney the Moderator! Welcome to the forums. :smiley: Moved this topic to General Chat since Community is for discussion of specific stories. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to ask me if there are any questions. :wink:

Hey @vincitygialam, I’m Whispering Flower (which you can obviously see from my username :joy:) and I just wanted to say… welcome to the forums!

Feel free to PM me any time if you ever want to chat :blue_heart:


We that bitnohi is hella cute.

And @vincitygialam welcome to the forums! I am Saasha but you can call me sushi as everyone does. I hope you have fun here. Please feel free to PM me anytime. Heads up - I am leaving the forums for few days.


Thanks :purple_heart:

Aww, well come back soon then.


I actually meant to say bitmoji but stupid auto correct. And yeah.


Hey :upside_down_face: welcomeee to forumessssss :smirk:
I would love to be friends :smirk:

Hi, welcome to the forums :3