Hi There! I have an art request


Hi! I have been planning to write and publish a story for quite a while now but I feel like it would be amazing to have a cover art! I’m not really good at it so I was wondering if it was okay to request one :slight_smile: My story relies on drama, romance and the idea of choices affecting others as well as the main character! I can explain more if needed. The features of the main character a relative to the reader so I’m not picky on how they look! Art will be credited as if there is anything else you’d like me to offer please let me know. Thank you ^-^


I can


Thank you! Any details I can provide for you?


If above ^^^ doesn’t do it, then I can.


Sure! I really don’t mind at all!

I forgot to mention my chosen style is Limelight ^-^


Oh, I would’ve loved to help, but looks like ya found someone! Happy writing to you! :sparkling_heart:


Thank you so much for the message! I hope my story does well once it’s published :smiley:


ok, PM me more details (the background, where the character will stand, if you want the author name, their outfit)