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Thanks for stealing some of my backgrounds.

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What do you mean ?

I looked through their Google drive. Some of the bedroom, office, entry, bathroom, etc. backgrounds are my edits.

One of my rules is to not redistribute my work.


Oof thats not good

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Yeah… It’s not. And it seems like this person is claiming these edits are theirs, based off their description in the post.

Unbelievable. I spent many many hours on my edits and creating them in different colors too so authors would have options.

I had my own Google drive where I posted my background edits to share with the community. I had also given permission to share some on EpisodeLife. Those are the only two places where people should’ve been able to find it.


Hmm wow do you 2 know each other

No? I have no idea who QueenMilii is.

That makes the situation worst

Hey Shelly! I would like to apologize for my sister on her behalf, and I would to! The forums user, @Apes Helped me figure out this mess! Most of your backgrounds in my drive were put on Instagram by my older sister! I apologize genuinely for noticing sooner!!!
I deleted all the backgrounds that @Apes said were yours!
And even wrote an apology on Instagram. They are all gone, but if there is anything else feel free to tell me!

I am really really sorry!

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I fixed it, but are you the one that commented on my Instagram?

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Um… Sorry to ask, but was it the rude one?

Oh sorry! I guess same name!

Topic closed by OP request. :wink: