Hi, would you be interested to read this story?

The story is called Savior and is an about a woman named Navy who comes to the US from the UK at the age of thirteen, with her family. She deals with
self- abuse, among meeting her. Best friend, and later meeting her best friends older brother. He helps her through hard times, then he has to leave. Years later they find each other again… please let me know if you’re interested to read this story. I’m still making the chapters, but hopefully will be out in a month or two! This story also spreads awareness of harming yourself.


Just make sure to add trigger warnings, and skip scenes if the reader doesn’t want to read/see them.

this should help you to code the skip scene.

Check out this thread for more info, if you need to. Make sure to stick/read the guidelines, if you have any questions, you can send a ticket to the Episode Team. And/or here in the forums for the community to help you.