Hidden Animations NEED HELP!


Hey, guys! So, I’m looking for this particular animation where the character just stands there with a confused look on their face. It’s not shocked. It’s hard to explain. It’s like if somebody makes a bad pun or did a bad dance, you would just stand there, trying to process what just happened. Both of their eyebrows are raised, and their eyes are widened.

You could find this animations in stories like:

Confessions of a 40-Year-Old Bad Boy
Pregnant by Twin Students Gang Leader Dad
Love and Dance
And many others

You would often find this animation in comedy stories.

If you guys know what I’m talking about, please leave the name of that animation down below.


It’s the end of the animation shush


Thanks! :slight_smile:


It could also be the end of the animation flirt_fingersnap
I used them both a lot in PBMTSGLD


Okay, thank you! :slight_smile: