Hidden background?!

Credit to owner


Sorry, what is this thread for exactly? Could we have more details please? :thinking:

This threat is about a hidden bg and you can use it

Oh okay cool. Are you the owner? It just says “Credit to owner”?

Nah it from episode life I just post the thread to help everyone with the spotting

Oh okay, well, thanks. :slight_smile:

If you do repost work like this it would be a huge help if you included the artist to give credit to. :grin:

Can I post some hidden background

He said it’s from episodelife, so it’s probably Joseph Evans.

It’s just a background made by Episode. Joseph Evans didn’t make it, he just uploaded it.


Yup and I just post it because lots of writer have this spotting problems and I don’t see it in episode background so I post it

I’m a girl

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I am so sorry :sweat_smile: