Hidden background


here are some background credit to @ThorneArtStudio there are still some more if you need more just ask


If you want more just ask


Thank you so much for this! I’ve been wondering where people were getting these backgrounds from.


That’s where all the backgrounds are from and more with the names of those who you credit.

And I’m pretty sure credit is supposed to be given to @thorneartstudio now as background factory is no longer active.


Thank you, this helps a lot


Hi, yes…it would be preferable to credit ThorneArtStudio as I shut down backgroundfactory, but I did tell Joseph not to worry about changing the credits - it’s honestly not a big deal - but I just like it if people can still find me. tinyurl.com/thorneartstudio is where all my backgrounds are, I have an instagram page as well, but it’s pretty small and I don’t attend to it much anymore. backgroundfactory just got too stressful and with my health/physical problems from a bad car wreck I couldn’t handle it anymore. :frowning: I tried to do a redirect on the backgroundfactory link but I couldn’t get it working.


I will change it


the bathrooms are not mine actually, just the japanese gardens - I believe the backgrounds are from smg,but best to double check those credits on episodelife.com