Hidden Charcter Animations

Hello ladies and gents!!! I have been writing a story and although I have looked through all of the character animations , I have not been able to find specific animations that I have seen in other stories. In particular , I have been looking for the following animations ( I will try to describe them as best I can so that we can retrieve the correct names of the animations):

  • character walks hard/ sashays while swaying her hips (female limelight)
  • character snaps their neck in attitude while talking (female limelight)
  • character looks suspiciously to the left and right before handing off a package / letter etc. to another character or placing it some place. (male and female limelight)

I hope I was able to describe these animations well enough for some of your wonderful writers to help me to include these particular animations in my future stories. Thank you in advance for the assistance you guys !!!


And this might be talk_argue_angry but I’m not sure

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Thank you very much for your answers. I am still trying to get the hang of this stuff.
Here is part of my script. I am trying to make the character look around before he gives the 2nd character the item:

    GUY (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)

Yeah... well... Just incase they double back...

@GUY walks to spot 0.879 152 97 and CHICK walks to spot 0.876 277 63 and GUY faces right and CHICK faces left
@add Envelope Grey White to GUY
@DUDE is idle_sit_leanforward_listen_impressed_loop

@speechbubble is 143 423 to 100% with tail_bottom_right

    CHICK (talk_apathetic)

I guess...

@GUY is return_object_neutral and CHICK is take_object_neutral
@pause for 2
@add Envelope Grey White to CHICK
@remove Envelope Grey White from GUY

For the take object neutral animation does it work when someone is “giving” the object to someone else??? Because currently I have the GUY doing " return_object_neutral" opposed to “take_object_neutral”. Am I supposed to have both characters using “take_object_neutral” ? And also, do I have to have the characters pause for a longer time while the animation plays itself out?

Thank you so much. I was literally never going to find that animation. Mainly because I do not look at any of the singing and dancing animations. I thought my story did not need those animations . Who would have thunk it!!! LOL Thanks again!!!

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do you know that in the art catalogue is also animation catalogue where you can see all the animations?

Yes. Thank you. I called myself using those, but I guess I need to go back and do them completely now. All of them.

Oh… you know what??? I used the “take_object_neutral” animation for both characters , and spaced the animation and changed when the item was going to be removed from the first character , and I was able to have the type of effect that I was looking for. Thank your so much for your help!!!

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I get you ita bit too much to want to go througg one by one.:wink:

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