Hidden Classic Animations


I saw in a earlier story they had tears coming out of their eyes, and shooting hearts out when the did the point animation. Does anyone know the codes for these?


Yeah, I saw that too, but I don’t know what the code either :frowning:


Hm, I don’t think I’ve seen that kind of animation in Classic before. Do you remember which story you discovered it in? I’m curious to know. @Ayu @episodegab816 :slight_smile:


I read it on Dripping Mascara. I saw a female character was crying with the tears coming out from their eyes and shooting hearts when they were blushing. Then I saw a guy gets angry with the smoke coming out his ears XD


Oh, nice! I remember reading Dripping Mascara. Well written, great story, but I never had the opportunity to finish reading it long ago since I became very busy. I got around Episode 35 lol (and there are over 100 chaptera so I probably haven’t even seen the best of it yet lmao).

Perhaps I never got that far in the story to see these hidden/unique animations. Or maybe they’re overlays? Not sure. It’s so interesting to discover new or hidden things. Never finished the story, but I will soon haha. Thank you for your help!


No problem! :slight_smile: Yeah, same here! I never got to finish reading Dripping Mascara since I was busy as well ^^; No, I don’t think it’s overlay. Dripping Mascara was already finished before overlay came :confused:


Actually, did used to have that happen whem you played the animation tears would come out of their eyes, and in certain ones they had hearts comimg from them.


Hmm, really? Do you think that Episode took it off?


Nah we probably just aren’t using it or we just can’t find them, but day did take away our baby props and etc. from the dress up thing in classic. So…


That kinda suck :confused: I wish they bring it back