Hidden clothes? Locked clothes? -INK


Are these locked clothes or hidden clothes? I’m confused. :confused:


Is the story an episode story, or a featured story, or something like that?


I am screaming! Is this from a featured story?


They are theeee cutest outfits :heart_eyes:


Featured story!


Story: Tangled Love
Author: NoellaMei


Those outfits are only for Epislde featured stories


So unfair :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


I miss this story so much :sob: :sob:


I haven’t read it yet :stuck_out_tongue:
Those screenshots are from NoellaMei’s IG! :thinking:


I loved it so much
When it ended I hated it so much :sob:


Oof I hope we all get access to the INK featured clothes soon. They already were developed so surely releasing them onto the portal would he okay after a while?


There was a way to get limelight clothes for ink characters and it worked, but I don’t think it works anymore…




What was it though?


I think there was a YouTube vid about it, you had to switch someothing with the url




These are Premium Clothing :wink: At some point I was hoping Episode would release them for the public too but it doesn’t look like they will anytime soon, or ever, as for 1) they said they would mainly focus on Limelight a while ago 2) it would take away the gem clothing choices currently existing in featured stories. For my new story I’m adjusting to a much smaller wardrobe pick myself - bummer! :frowning: