Hidden Gems on Episode


Anytime you ask about favorite stories, it is usually by the same authors: Evil Ebonni, The author of Chain Reaction, Mette P, Amelia, Naemi and several others. I am curious to hear about your favorite stories that are considered hidden gems. Maybe the author hasn’t been discovered on Episode yet or they don’t have as many reads or name recognition as the others. Please share. Thank you.


A truly hidden gem ? :3

I read this story awhile ago, and can’t really recall what it is about. However, It’s on my recommendation list. It’s called Dr. Strange: Love Me, Heal Me by JK. It’s a Romance, but it’s a bit more adult romance (I feel that is a poor choice of words, but it’s not like falling for someone. It’s a legit romance)


Thank you for sharing this story.


Mysterious Signals by @Antika
Dangerous Space by @nataliesky
Both amazing stories by amazing ladies and deserve more recognition :kissing_heart:


Thank you for sharing!


This is about to be my new favourite thread I can just tell.

A few hidden gems on my list would be:

  • Spotlight: The Love Scam by Layla Vex
  • Heading South by Jasmine Lilac
  • Blue Lights by Summer Solstice
  • Flashback Friday by Daisy W




Thank you for sharing!!!:smile::heart:


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